Best torrent sites for 2016

Best torrent sites for 2016
Written by Gearloose

Torrent sites are changing, after the closing of many popular torrent -and not- sites and for sure, it will change again in the future, as you can't have a favorite site anymore, you don't know when it will go down. For now, let's see some of the best torrent sites for 2016.

Disclaimer: With this list, i do not promote piracy. Visit these sites at your own risk. The order of these sites is random.

Demonoid: Demonoid is an old player and has changed its url many times. Although is a private tracker, you can download some public torrents they have, without the need of registration. After Kickass Torrents (KAT) closed down, Demonoid has many visitors.

RARBG: RARBG gives value on quality than quantity, besides, they are uploading their own releases. If you first visit this site, you may find that it has more pron stuff, but after a searching, you will soon discover many torrents. One minus is that it has many ads.

EZTV: EZTV is one of the older sites with TV releases.

Torrentz: Although the original torrentz closed down, is its successor. Torrentz is a search engine for the biggest torrent sites.

YTS: YTS has only movies with the best possible quality.

iDope: iDope is a new site, made by some Kickass' fans and it has its own mobile App. It's a search engine for torrents.

Torlock: Torlock has something unique. They are paying their users to show them fake torrents, something which is awesome.

Bitport: Bitpot is a cloud downloader. It has no torrents, but allow you to download the torrent you want into their servers and from there to download it to your PC. It has a free version, which you allowed to download up to 100MB per hour.

ExtraTorrent: ExtraTorrent is a site that you must visit, if you are looking for movies or music.

Toorgle: Toorgle is another search engine for torrents and is based on Google's tech. You can read comments on torrents, so you can avoid fakes.

Isohunt: Isohunt was the biggest torrent site out there, but it closed down in 2013. It came back with a new domain and hosting.

TorrentFunk: TorrentFunk is a popular site right now and is gaining more and more visitors each month. It gives you the ability to rate torrents' quality.

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