Custom Firmware for PS3!

No more Jailbreaks. Of course, to say things right, this is something that it would not take too long to appear. Now you can make the PS3 run "custom" firmware (CFW), just like the PSP, you put the game backup in a USB Flash/hard drive and run it right through.

This is what I like from Sony's systems, they try to lock them but in the end, the pirates can make wonders on them.

Before start, make sure that your PS3 has the firmware 3.55, so if you have an older version, download the upgrade file and upgrade your PS3.


There are many guides online on how to install your own firmware, but because I'm bored the long guides (and I assume you too), at the comments you can find the patch.

After you install the original 3.55 firmware on PS3, then you have to put the patched FW in your USB Flash and inside this folder (just like the original FW):


Now you can run the upgrade process, just like the original. If the CFW fail during the installation, then you have to put your console in "Recovery Mode" (more about this later).

![If you see this screen, you are ready...](

When finish, don't forget to install this app, which can solve some game's problems.

Now you can install a backup manager of your choice:

but also some useful programs:
-blackb0x FTP 1.2
-SNES9X Emulator
-GB/GBA Emulator

![Everything seems OK...](

Your PS3 wouldn't have problems running backup games. If you want to hide your CFW from Sony, you can use Wipe History v2.0, which you should run every time you want to connect online with your PS3. You can use also EraseMe v1.1, which creates a fake log file.

How to Put the PS3 in Recovery Mode

1. Turn PS3 Off
2. Push and hold the Power button. PS3 should open and close again.
3. When done, leave and then hold Power button again until you hear 2 beeps. When you hear them, let the Power button.
4. You will be asked to connect the PS3 controller to USB. Once you do this, you will see the Recovery Menu.
From the Recovery Menu, you can now install the CFW.

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