Hard disk data recovery

Recently, due to problematic hardware, I lost a few thousands of files I had in my HDD. The problem was that while the HDD was in Raid 1 mode, the files were erased in both of them.

Windows 7 recognized them as unreadable, so I had to re-format them. Are the files lost forever, or not?

On a quick search, I found many programs. However, most of them couldn't do the job, as the programs have found the files, but either could not make a recovery, or they restored them as "filexxxxx.mp3", so you can not find which CD they belonged to.

So, this did not have any benefit. I could not sit down and rename a few thousand mp3s, photos, videos and eBooks, even if I was on a desert island for a few years.

I was very disturbed by the huge collection of Roms and emulators and rare comics I have in my collection, which took me a long time to find them.

However, recently the solution came from "[email protected] Community", where they managed and "cracked" (and I had the opportunity to try before buy it) an amazing (but not known) program, the Stellar Windows Data Recovery. This program can find files on the hard drive, lost or erased, even if the disk is formatted.

The solution is simple. Just run the program and choose who hard to search for.


The program finds the files just as they were before. In each folder, even in foreign characters. When it's over, choose what you want to Recover.


That's it. The program starts to restore the files to the hard drive that you want (even in the same one).

The process takes a while to complete, but the result is satisfactory. I read in a discussion that someone who sent a HDD to a recovery company, replied that can't do wonders and he recovered the files with this program.


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