How To Install The LG DVD-ROM Drive GDR-8163B To Xbox

How To Install The LG DVD-ROM Drive GDR-8163B To Xbox
Written by Gearloose

Let's see how we connect a PC DVDROM into Xbox using all the capabilities. So, the Xbox can read CD-R(W), DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W), original and backups games and homebrew apps.

We will need:

• one DVDROM GDR-8163B
• 4 resistors 1k Ohm 1/4 Watt
• A solder
• The modified firmware
• Some cables
• A hot-melt adhesive and glue gun (recommended).

We need the modified firmware from LG 8050L to modify the GDR-8163B. You can search it with the name 8050L FW Flasher fixed. First we need to make a bootable disk (for PC).

Download DOSflopmaker and create a bootable disk.
Set your 8163b to master and plug it to the secondary IDE Channel. Start your PC from the bootdisk and flash the drive with:

sf8163.exe 8050L.dld 2 /f /c /p /o

If something went wrong and the flash is empty or corrupted you should take a look on the /r option. You can flash your drive back with the same procedure; just use another flash file instead.

After that you open your drive:

And take out the main PCB and you’ll see:

Now solder a resistor on the cables

Now you must solder the resistors like the photos below.See the photos below to view the points.

Up side:

Down side:

A closer look to points:






The cable from xbox bust be edited:

The pinout is:
01 GND
02 +12
03 TrayOut
04 TrayIn
05 GND
06 +12V
07 GND
08 +5V
09 Data
11 Eject 12 +5V

Now you must connect the
+5V to 08,
+12V tp 02,
GND and GND to 01, 07, or 05.

Now to enable the eject button, you must connect the ADEF points. The correct connections is:
A to 11
D to 10
E to 04
F to 03

The mod is ready.Now close the DVD ROM. You can solder the Xbox's Drive Cover to your new DVD ROM.

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