Nero v7 Final Crash Fix

Nero v7 Final Crash Fix
Written by Gearloose

It is known that V7 Nero Burn Rom Crashing every single time after the Starting of Nero Express.With this guide you can fix the problem permanent.

Go to Start -> Run and put regedit and find the key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareaheadNero - Burning RomBCGWorkspace

Now Right Mouse click on the BCGWorkspace located on Left side of Registry, Scroll Down to Permissions Click Permissions & you will see 2 Windows Doubled.

At the top where it says "Group or User Names" Highlight (one at a Time) & doing it to all of them at the bottom it says "Permissions For Administrators" & to the Right it says "Allow & Deny" Tick all Boxes that are listed under the Deny Tab...

Click on the Apply & OK. Thats all you need for a permanent fix

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