Nintendo DS Lite speed mod

This guide explains how to modify Nintendo DS to increase the speed 1.7 times. This mod is useful for long RPG & slow loading games.

WARNING: If you want to break DS,do it! But this is your responsibility. is not responsible for your breaking equipment performing modifications is at your own risk. This mod is not mine. Props to ndshomod for this.

Tools needed:
Soldering iron 30W
+ screwdriver
Y screwdriver

Parts list
24MHz ceramic oscillator
A small switch

This is the diagram.Check this before solder anything on PCB.

To modify NDS you have to open the back panel.Remove the back panel and do not touch other parts.
If you remove any film cable from the connector,your NDS may not working. Do not touch any film cable.

The wiring point to be aimed at in under the cartridge slot.As the cartridge slot is soldered at 4 points of the base.It is a little hard to remove.If you do it too hastily,pcb board will break.

Here is the points we need to solder.

Now solder two piece of wire to R1 and C2.

Solder back the cartridge slot. Now its time to put the switch somewhere into DS.The DS has some space for this at the corner near power switch.

Put the ceramic oscillator at the switch using the diagram (first image). When finish your DS will looking like this:

Now close the DS. Every time the switch is "close", the speed will be increased.

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