Run DS games on PC

Run DS games on PC
Written by Gearloose

If you like some DS's games but you don't have the DS, you can run them on PC.

You only need NO$GBA, a very good emulator for the Nintendo DS. Because NO$GBA requires some settings to do, in order to work properly, i uploaded those settings for you.

Unrar this file and inside you will find NO$GBA. In "ADDONS" folder you will find a plugin, the No$Zoomer, which allows to double the screen (it reduces the frames though) and a few other files needed.

Now run the emulator and open any game you want. The emulator is already ready to play, you don't have to do something else.

Let's see some games for you to try.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
![]( This is the reason i wanted a fast emulator. It seems like Symphony of the Night as we raising our level slowly by playing. 2D Castlevania games are my favorites and this is a very good game, try it.

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past
![]( Is like a remake of the Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles and adds three more stories. The game contains a lot of extras, like interrogations, small stories etc. This game run very well.

New Super Mario Bros.
![]( A favorite game returns. I believe that some games can't be in 3D (Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Castlevania) and this game proof that. This game is playable, but has some sound problems.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders
![]( Agatha's Christie, famous BelgianHercule Poirot, returns. Based on super crime-writer Agatha Christie’s book of the same name, ABC Murders centres around a mysterious killer who goads Poirot by committing murders of fiendish intricacy, in the hope of stumping the sleuth and winning the day.

Each game requires its settings to run well, so you have to test them before run them.

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