Snes emulator on PS3, aka Snes @ 720p!!!

Snes emulator on PS3, aka Snes @ 720p!!!
Written by Gearloose

Ok, this thing with emulators, starting to get boring. We have emulators in any device has battery. But this time and with the power of PS3, the SNES emu sounds a good idea, mainly because has a good controller and power.

In its last version, 4.3.3, the SNES emulator has a lot of improvements, like better sound quality.

Inside the file there are two versions, an 480p and an 720p. By using the 720p version, you will get better resolution, but the games where the SuperFX chip is used, aren't run well.

When the emulator is loaded, you will see a lot of options. From there, select your USB drive, where you already putted the roms you want and start play. Remember to use US and not PAL (E) roms, because PAL roms are having some problems.

The controller is already configures for the SNES' buttons and you don't have to do anything else. If you press the analog sticks (L3 or R3), you will see the ROM selection menu.

I know that in any PC you can run everything and with better quality, but PS3 is a console and has better feeling. Now i can play all these Metroid hacks i liked.

If you can run homebrew on PS3, try it. SNES and PS1 had the best games (at least for me). We have HDD in consoles, HD graphics, Blu-ray players, Online gaming, but the most of the new games are lucking the gameplay...

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