How To Soft-Mod Your Xbox (Easy Way)

How To Soft-Mod Your Xbox (Easy Way)
Written by Gearloose

This guide will show you how to soft-modding your box, installing a new HDD and FTPing movies and games to your xbox hdd. I will go with the 007 hack with this one.

And it works on all versions of the xbox out right now. No more worrying if you have the 4920 dash. And you don't have to go out a buy a Microsoft memory card.

Tools needed

-A copy of the '007 - Agent Under Fire' Game. You MUST have the original version not the Platinum!!!
-A copy of the 'Action Replay'. This comes with a memory card so there is no need in getting an official M$ one.
- The 'AgentUnder_BONDAUF.rar' file. Its all set for you to drop onto your xbox and load it.

How to

1. Make sure your AR (Action Replay) software is installed on your pc. Plug your USB Link Cable that your got from your AR into your pc. Pop your memory card into the USB Link Cable. Wait for XP to read it and give you the ok.
2. Download the file above. Now run the AR software and copy-paste the folder (from the file above) to the AUF folder on your memory card.
3. Boot up your xbox with no disc inside. Go to Memory section and choose to copy the large (around 500 blocks) 007 file to your harddrive.
4. Back out and start up AUF without your memory card. Choose load missing and select to load from harddrive.
5. The screen should now go black and you are ready to set up your new dashboard. There should be a page that displays ltools and says "007: Agent Under Fire". Hit B. Go down and select "Install UDE". Press A to continue. Press UDE2 (You must have a NTSC xbox for this!). If you dont, hit A. This is where the video cuts off. But you can either choose XMX or EvoX as your new dashboard. Many people prefer EvoX.
6. It will now install. This may take up to or more then 30 min.

You are finished Soft-modding! Now you can save games, movies, pics, apps, emu's and more on your hdd and have no need for discs. You can play burned games if you run out of hdd space and don't wanna get a new one.

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